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Celebrating Bday’s on the water and hooking slabs!

Saltwater Reports:

Eddie Matthei

We have certainly been enjoying an Indian summer and although the mornings and evenings are getting cooler the fishing is getting hotter! This past week has had some amazing bites that got myself and a few other guides close to or into the double digits on fish on in a 5hr trip. I was able to add a few more photos of smiling guests including a couple of birthday boys with their birthday fish.

This is a good BDAY fish!!
This is a good BDAY fish!!

Most fish are the big chinook but a few big late run northern coho as well. There has been some slow days but even then you can still get at least a couple of nice fish on. The biggest fish I heard of this week was 27lbs that I saw landed by Brian on Outrage One using my favourite gear combo, the glo green teaser head with a purple onion flasher.

No fighting over filet's on this charter!
No fighting over filet’s on this charter!

I have also had success with bright green flashers and white or light green with dark green teaser heads. I have also been running the anchovies and 7″ herring with no flashers which have also taken a few nice fish as well. Most of the action has been around the mouth of the Capilano river but I’m also hearing reports of nice fish off the Bell buoy as well. I’m sure we’d have even more good reports if more boats chose to avoid the crowds at the Capilano and fished the Bell Buoy.

Sunset charters are producing!
Sunset charters are producing!

Yesterday was a fairly slow day at the Capilano with a large group of boats from the annual Vancouver Firefighters fishing derby but I do know of one boat that had all the water to themselves at the Bell Buoy and got a nice fish there. I fished there on Monday while I waited out the strong ebb tide and saw quite a few good marks on the sounder right along the last 2 mile markers.

A Capilano Slab!
A Capilano Slab!

With all the good fishing locally I haven’t had the chance to run further South to pass along any reports but I can tell you that the Sand heads had another visit from a pod of Orcas yesterday. Speaking of wildlife, we also had a Stellar Sea lion hang around the Capilano the last couple of days which is a pretty rare sighting so close to the city.

Another happy client!
Another Happy Bday client!

Yesterday I had to wear sunglasses and use sunscreen but today will be a day for rain gear. We will loose some fish as they flush up the river but based on previous years I think it will draw even more fresh fish in.

Fishing should continue to be good for the next 2 to 3 weeks. Catch them while you can!

Tight Line,

Eddie Matthei

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