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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: January 15, 2021


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report Due to Covid restrictions and the nasty winds and rain, we haven’t been out on the water much these past few weeks.  Some of our colleagues and customers did make it out on the few calm days and the reports were fairly standard for this time of year.  Put in the time and get a few fish.    Unfortunately, the number of fish being lost to seals in most of the popular spots in Howe Sound and in Vancouver Harbour is at a new level.  Without a doubt, there are more seals and more educated seals, ones that follow you and wait for you to hook a fish.  This is becoming a major concern and is having a significant impact on people’s ability…

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: January 1, 2021

Unfortunately, if you are off Fri, Sat, Sun, it is looking like it is going to be pretty wet out there.  Friday and Saturday in particular look pretty nasty with a lot of rain and wind in the forecast.  Luckily the winter chinook season is a long one, so we can pick our days. The fishing these past few weeks has been what I would call average winter chinook fishing.  That means if you go out and put in a full shift, you are generally getting shots at a legal fish or two and a handful of undersize to keep you on your toes. Here are a few tips if you are going to try winter chinook fishing this year. #1 Keep your gear close…

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: December 11, 2020


SALTWATER FISHING REPORTS  It looks like it might be a bit windy and wet this weekend, but we did have some nice days mid-week.  As usual, if you can be flexible and pick your days in the winter it helps a lot on the enjoyment factor.     The fishing has been hit and miss this past week.  The fish are there one day and gone the next.  This is typical of winter fishing; you just have to go when you can and hope the fish are present.  Don’t wait for a report, just go when the winds and weather work for your schedule.      Fishing pressure is certainly a lot higher than previous seasons.  I would say double or triple the number of boats on the…

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: Friday, November 27, 2020


You may have noticed there was no saltwater report last week.  Throughout the winter, I am going to do a report every second week as things just don’t change that much during this time of year.  I would say we are officially in winter chinook season now and the fishing will usually remain decent right up until April when we start to see migratory chinook show up in larger numbers and we move to other productive locations.  So, time to bunker down for the winter season, keep an eye on those weather patterns and pick your days.    Speaking of picking your days, we got lucky on Wednesday this week.  Tuesday I was supposed to go out but cancelled because of the heavy rains and SE winds gusting to 45 knots.  Wednesday…

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: Friday, November 20, 2020


  Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report   As we mentioned in the outlook for most of the winter season we will be bringing you our saltwater report on a bi-weekly basis.  So be sure to check in here next week for a full report from the water. If you have any questions in the interim don’t hesitate to give the shop a call at 604.872.2204.  See you in the shop or on the water!  Jason Tonelli 

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: November 13, 2020


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report  Not much has changed since last week’s report.  There are some fish starting to show in Vancouver Harbour and in Howe Sound as well.  I checked out all the major spots on Wednesday and I think the most bait was actually in the harbour and there has been some decent fish caught there these past 2 weeks.  If you are short on time or it is too windy and rough in other areas, don’t pass up the harbour.    A note on bait.  The bait this time of year is typically fairly small, and your spoons should reflect this.  In the winter we generally use G-Force in 3.0, Kingfisher in 3.0 and the Skinny G.  Here is a picture of…

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: Friday, November 6, 2020


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report  Looks like it is nice and sunny today, but unfortunately the NW winds are cranking in the Salish Sea and the outflow is doing the same in Howe Sound with gusts to 35 at Pam Rocks.  The weekend is going to see the same sort of conditions, sunny and windy, with Monday being the transition day where it switches from NW to SE and winds light in between.  If you can somehow work this weekend and take Monday off, that would be the perfect scenario!  The fishing for this time of year has been pretty solid.  There were some decent catches of winter chinook in Vancouver Harbour and in the traditional Howe Sound spots this past week.  So, I guess…

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: Friday, October 30, 2020

Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report  Not too much to report since last week.  A lot of anglers are pulling their boats for the season and waiting until next spring.  Others are gearing up for winter chinook.  For those of you who love winter chinook fishing as much as we do, so far so good.  There does seem to be some fish around and it is worth starting to check out your favorite spots.    The nice thing about the winter season is that it is a long one, so you can pick your days.  We will be fishing for winter chinook from now until April and then we will have to see if DFO is going to shut down chinook fishing around Vancouver again.  More on…

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: Friday, October 23, 2020

It looks like the winds are all over the map this weekend, from N to NW to SE and some outflow in Howe Sound to top it off.   With these kind of forecasts, it’s really anyone’s guess as to what it will be like out there.  Sometimes it seems these winds never show up and you have the popular spots to yourself, other days they do, and you head home with your tail between your legs.  Such is the life of the local angler in the fall stormy season as we transition from summer winds into winter weather patterns.  It is about that time to start poking around in your favorite “winter chinook” spots.  There are a few reports coming in and we have some trips on the books for this week…

Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: October 16,2020


Well this is pretty much the end of the season for migratory chinook and coho.  I just took a look at the Albion chum and chinook test set data, and all but the last of the chinook are up the Fraser and coho numbers are starting to dwindle as well. Chum numbers are really ramping up, right on schedule.  Traditionally, not many or any anglers have targeted chum off the mouth of the Fraser.  If you wanted to give it a go, this would be the week to do it.  It looks like the run is forecast to be about 1,000,000 and this is considered a pretty good run as the escapement target is 800,000.  Some anglers have had success in the past trolling purple…

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