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Aug 17th: The Chinook Bite Continues

We had two 5 hour charters yesterday and chinook fishing was good on both the morning and the afternoon trip.  Multiple chinook in the 10-25lb range were hooked off the Bell Buoy area by Captain Eddie and his guests on the Salty Dawg!  The fish were being hit from 30 to 70 feet down with most of the action in the 40-60 foot range.

Captain Eddie and guest with a nice chinook!

It should be noted that we are using downrigger cable, not braided line and 15lb cannonballs.  The depth will very slightly depending on the size of your cannonball and if you are using braid or cable.   Bait continues to be the top producer, either herring or anchovies, in a glow or glow green teaser head, 6 foot leader, and a flasher in chartreuse or green with one side silver tape and one side glow tape.  We also heard of some chinook caught around the T-10 and some sockeye and chinook at the South Arm of the Fraser.  The sockeye numbers are starting to build and there have been some anlgers who have already had good success and others who are struggling.  Right now it basically comes down to timing for the sockeye, they are pushing through, so if you are there on the right day or right time of day, you are going to get them.  We will see much more consistent sockeye and pink fishing in the weeks to come.  For now it is hard to beat the good chinook fishing we are having off W. Van and the Bell Buoy.  These spots are only a 5 minute to 12 minute run from our dock, so a great option for a 5 hour charter.

Two chinook at the cleaning table from the afternoon charter.

If you have any questions, would like to book a charter, please feel free to give us a call at Pacific Angler at 604-872-2204 or come by the shop to pick up some gear, bait, and advice.

Tight Lines,

Jason Tonelli