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Wintering on to land a feast…

Eddie Matthei:

The recent cold snap have been keeping all but the die hard fishermen off the water. I was able to get out last Sunday with three repeat guests who paid me another visit all the way from Germany. We lucked out on the weather and even though it was frosty in the morning we had no wind, flat water and the sun was rising to warm us up.

After we set prawn and  crab traps we headed back to West Vancouver and began fishing at the QB marker and trolled towards the mouth of the Capilano River. There have been a few decent reports at the Capilano over the last week. 4″ Irish Cream spoons seem to be the favourite but the Green Glo, Homeland Security and Kingfisher spoons are also good choices. The sounder was showing bait and we even hooked a lunker herring to confirm the sounder was working properly. It was hooked on a new 3.5″ black and glo Rikker spoon I was testing.


I checked in with one of the other boats and and he reported hooking two fish. One was undersized and the other was a legal fish. He was at the Capilano right at the tide change but had no further action since then. We had missed the bite so we waited for the next tide change. Unfortunately another bite did not come on at the next tide change and so we headed for the traps. We pulled up 150 large prawns and a crab for each of the guests. My guests were looking forward to a generous fresh West coast meal and I look forward to our next trip on their yearly business trip to Vancouver!


Happy Valentines Day,

Pacific Angler

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