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Vancouver Saltwater Report: October 30, 2015

There are still a few die-hard anglers searching for coho and chum off the South Arm of the Fraser, but for the vast majority of anglers, this year’s salt season is finished. Those who have been catching fish down south have been doing well with anchovies and flasher in the 30-65 zone on the riggers. Spoons and white hootchies have also been producing some fish. The rain this weekend will likely draw all but the latest of coho and chum up the Fraser, so fishing will likely come to a grinding halt down south pretty quick. The next fishery on the horizon is winter chinook, aka feeders or winter springs. This fishery usually gets going around mid December in our local waters and will be covered in more detail in future reports. In the meantime it is November next week and that means maintenance. This is a good month to get the boat out of the water and fix all those little things that drove you crazy all summer.

See you in the boatyard or at the shop!