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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: September 6, 2019


This past week we had decent chinook fishing but it has definitely slowed down a bit from the big number days of August.  This is right on schedule as the bulk of the red chinook have pushed up the river and we are starting to see more white chinook.   While there are less fish around, the chance at bigger fish makes up for it.  These white chinook are destined for the Chilliwack and Harrison rivers and they are easily the biggest fish of the year.  Getting fish in the mid twenties is common and there are always a few Tyee caught (chinook over 30 pounds).


Jason and Roger with a Tyee sized chinook from the South Arm on Thursday that tipped the scales at 45 pounds!

Productive gear hasn’t changed much.  We have been fishing green sized herring and 5.5 anchovies in Bullet Roll teaser heads and Anchovy Classic teaser heads.  The colour really depends on the clarity of the water and how deep you are fishing.  The water was pretty clear this week and the UV finishes and chrome finishes were good in the morning when the fish were up top, 35 and 45 on the riggers.  Later in the day we seem to be getting fish a lot deeper, 60-90 on the riggers and then the glow teaser heads work well.   It pays to have a variety tied up and adapt to the conditions.  You need to change flashers accordingly as well.  UV and chrome flashers up top in the clear water and glow flashers when you go deep.   Some anglers and guides have also done very well on hootchies.  When the tide is really ripping, and we did have some huge tides this past week, hootchies can be a good choice with all that current.  If you are trolling fast into the current your bait is often rotating at a crazy speed and it usually doesn’t produce well.  The hootchies have a fairly slow action, even in this scenario, and this is one of the reasons they work well.  White UV and Glow versions have been working with a 32 to 40 inch leader.

A variety of productive teaser heads for chinook in our local waters

A few hatchery coho were caught this week while chinook fishing and some pinks as well.  With the chinook fishing being as consistent as it has been, we haven’t been off West Van looking for coho, nor have we been targeting pinks.  As the chinook fishing slows down, this will change and we will start to spend a little more time off West Van looking for coho, and of course we will be at the Cap Mouth for the run of white chinook that are just starting to show up there.  In the meantime, if the winds allow, we will be looking to run down to the South Arm for a chance at a few more reds and hopefully the chance to battle a few of the monster white springs.  The next few weeks will see some of the biggest chinook of the year hooked, so check those leaders and get out there!

Some of you may have seen the recent article in The Star about First Nations wanting recreational fishing closed for chinook salmon.  I will be talking about this on the Jill Bennett Show this Sunday at 8:17 am, so tune in.

See you in the shop or on the water,

Jason Tonelli