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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: November 26, 2021



Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report 

There hasn’t been much good news these past few weeks when it comes to weather, flooding, and river fishing.  Our hearts go out to our friends in the Fraser Valley and as some of you may have seen, I donated two winter chinook trips that generated over $5,000 in funds that will go to helping the families and fish habitat affected by the recent flooding.  Details on our Instagram pages.

At the very least, the saltwater news is more positive.  The debris field in the ocean has been manageable and the fishing has been good.  In fact, the fishing has been good to great for a couple of months now and it seems it is not just our immediate area.  We have been over in the Gulf Islands, as have some of our other guide friends, and the fishing has been great.  There has also been some good fishing further up the Sunshine Coast.


We’ve had some great winter chinook fishing these past few weeks!  Give Lee a call at 778-788-8582 to book your adventure!  Click Here.

Remember that this is a fairly long season, with good fishing right into March.  That means you have the ability to pick your days.  It does look pretty nasty and rainy for the most part in the immediate future with some big SE winds and lots of rain.  Probably won’t be crowded this weekend, especially Saturday.  Sunday doesn’t look too bad though with the SE backing off and lighter winds.

If you do head out, remember to keep your gear fairly close to the bottom, cover lots of water, find the bait and you will usually find the fish.

See you in the shop or on the water,

Jason Tonelli