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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: May 8, 2020


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

Look out, here comes the sun! What I should be saying is here comes the NW.  As usual, the high-pressure system and heat of the sun brings in sustained NW winds and it looks like this weekend will be no exception.  You never really know with the NW, it can be 5-10 or 20-25, so it can often be a game time decision on where you can or can’t fish, or if you even want to attempt it.


As far as chinook fishing, for those that have been going out it has been pretty good.  Fishing has been consistent the last 3 weeks off South Bowen from Cowan to Roger Curtis, 80-140 on the riggers.  If it is blowing NW, you can hide in Seymour Bay and that will usually produce and be calmer seas.  You could also take a look at Hole in the Wall as it often produces this time of year, but it looks like there are some outflow winds forecasted this weekend, so if that does materialize the Hole will be windy.

We did make it out last week and were able to get into a few lingcod and rockfish.  There are definitely more people bottom fishing than usual because of the chinook closure, so don’t be surprised if the more popular spots have been picked over a bit already.  The Gibbs Delta Power Paddle Tails did the trick for us in glow and orange.



A couple of perfect eaters from this past weeks bottom fishing efforts.

A couple of perfect eaters from this past weeks bottom fishing efforts.

Crabbing has been solid for a while now and prawning is not what it was a few months ago of course, but there are still some productive spots if you know where to look.

We aren’t doing charters yet, but with the recent announcements I think we will be able to do some sort of charter sooner than I thought.   The Sport Fishing Institute is working with the Province on guidelines and protocol for the charter industry so we can move forward on operating charters in a safe and responsible manner.  Once that document is out we will take a look and assess if it is reasonable for us to do charters, but for now the boats are going to stay at the dock.



Better times are ahead, hang in there!

We really miss getting out on the water with our clients, especially with our local repeat clients who often book a lot of trips this time of year to take advantage of the awesome chinook fishing, crabbing and prawning.  As soon as we get the green light and are prepared, we will be giving you a call.  Until then, stay safe and positive, better times are ahead.

Jason Tonelli