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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: January 3, 2020


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

The first salt report of the year!  I am going to hold off on looking back at 2019 for a week and send out a special year in review report later on, so lets get current here.

In short, the fish are around if you can get a break in the weather.  It’s been pretty windy and rainy, so you need to pick your days.   I was out with clients last weekend and we got a legal, a few unders, and that has pretty much been the program most days.  Put in the time, get a few chances at some legals, and some unders to keep you busy.  Greg and Derek were out on Thursday got a nice fish, lost another good one, and had a hand full of undersize and other friends and guides are reporting similar action.


The one that didn’t get away from Greg and Derek’s trip on Thursday.

Insert pic of fish.  Caption.  The one that didn’t get away from Greg and Derek’s trip on Thursday.


Productive flashers have been chartreuse glow and green glow flashers like the Salty Dawg and STS.  The usual spoons have been working well but so have hootchies lately.  The Yamashita chartreuse splatter back (OG140R) and green splatter back (OG42R) have been productive.   Some of the fish have had anchovies in them and the slender profile of a hootchie matches that of an anchovy.  The hootchies are supposed to represent squid, but I think a lot of the time the fish think they are chovies.


In terms of location there are fish spread throughout Howe Sound and Vancouver Harbour is always a good bet this time of year in the Freighters, QB or Cap Mouth.  We have also heard some decent reports from the Gulf Islands but haven’t been able to make it over there recently.


Prawning has been well worth the effort and we have been dropping traps on all of our recent trips.


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