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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: December 14, 2018


Vancouver Saltwater Salmon Fishing Report

Well the wet November weather is officially here, its just mid December, so it looks like we didn’t escape the mega rains after all. This is when the good rain gear pays off! If you are thinking of heading out this weekend, make sure to keep an eye on the forecast as there are some winds leading into the weekend in excess of 40 knots and you don’t see that too often in this neck of the woods. Later in the weekend the forecast doesn’t look too bad though, especially for Howe Sound, so it will depend on where your boat is moored in terms of how lumpy your ride to the fishing grounds is going to be. Yes, you are going need that rain gear I was talking about as well…

Fishing continues to be what I would call steady. If you put your time in you are going to get some shots at nice size chinook. There have been fish in Vancouver Harbour as well as Howe Sound, so pick your spot based on the conditions, put in your time, and enjoy the winter fishing.

We inundated you with a lot of fish porn from last weeks trips, chinook, prawns, octopus, flat calm seas, so this week we are going to change it up and talk about some flashers we have been fishing. This could be a good gift idea for yourself or maybe forward this report to your loved one, hint, hint, nudge, nudge. These flashers have half Moon Jelly Tape and half Glow Tape on each side, set opposite to each other. They are available in UV Chartreuse blades, UV Green blades, UV purple blades, and black blades. No matter what direction the flasher is rotating and no matter what direction the fish is approaching from, they get some flash and some glow. The contrast between the two tapes also seems to work well and gives a distinct two tone look in the water, much like the darker back of the fish against its silver sides and white belly. We have been fishing the prototypes for a season and a half now and have had great success with them. We finally had the time to get a custom order in and do a full production run for the shop. It took some time, as the factory was pretty busy all summer long keeping up with other orders and booking orders, but finally it is was our turn and they are here! These are premium Oki Tackle Flashers, made right here in BC. So give them a try this winter and into the springtime fishery off Bowen and Gabriola, you won’t be disappointed with the results.



Custom Pacific Angler Flashers made by Oki Tackle.

Well now that you got your Christmas shopping out of the way, lets get back to the fishing. If you are thinking of booking a trip, it’s a great time to go, so don’t delay in giving us a call as we are booking lots of weekend days around late December and early January. We do trips 7 days a week, so if you have some time mid week, lets go fishing!

If you are heading out in your boat, try some of these custom flashers or other productive flashers that we have mentioned in the past like the STS, BC, Madi, Salty Dawg, and Green Onion Glow. The fish have been hitting on spoons that have had some green, chartreuse and glow on them. Think colours like Irish Cream, Yellow Tail, in G-Force, or Kingfisher. Some anglers are also doing well on bait, primarily 5.5 anchovies in green or chartreuse glow teaser heads.

Crabbing has been tough, so best to leave those traps at home, but prawning has been decent and we have been setting prawn traps on our 8-hour trips.

See you in the shop or on the water,

Jason Tonelli