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Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: August 7, 2020

Holding the fish - Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report: August 7, 2020

Not much has changed since last week’s report.  We continue to chase coho in local waters on our shorter trips and if winds allow, we are crossing over to Gabriola on our longer trips in search of chinook.  There have also been a few chinook taken along the West Van shoreline in the 28-6 zone, which is open for 1 a day 62-80 cm. 

On the other side, we have been doing well on glow flashers and hootchies which have been listed in detail in previous weeks reports.  The fish are deep, so make sure you have 300 feet or more on your rigger and leave the 15-pound cannonballs at home.  With the strong currents and deep fish, an 18 or a 20-pound ball keeps your gear in the zone and allows you to troll faster so your gear is working properly and you are covering water.  


Jason working with his guests to keep the lines from getting crossed on a chinook double header over at Gabriola.

Locally, there are still some coho off South Bowen, but on quite a few days this week it was too windy to get to them.  The coho fishing off West Van this week seemed to slow down a bit.  Hopefully some more fish will push in soon.  This little bit of rain might bring some more into the Harbour.  


Eddie’s guest holding up a hatchery coho caught off West Van from earlier this week.

These next few weeks are generally prime time for Cap coho so let’s hope some more show up.  I think as long as we can get across to Gabriola, we should be able to get into some decent chinook fishing as well.   Before long it will be Sep 1 and we will be off the Fraser Mouth catching the back end of the South Thompson chinook run and the first pushes of the big Harrison and Chilliwack white chinook.  That week is booking up fast, so if that interests you please call us ASAP at 778-788-8582.  It is definitely some of the best chinook fishing of the year and some of the biggest ones too. 


See you in the shop or on the water, 

Jason Tonelli