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Saltwater Fishing Report: August 8th, 2014

As you have likely heard, sockeye are indeed open in our local waters and we are already enjoying some great sockeye fishing.  Check out these fish from Wednesday’s charter.  Eddie got his guests limits of chrome sockeye on a half day charter.


This is just the beginning of what is going to be a fantastic 6 weeks of fishing as more and more sockeye show up at the mouth of the Fraser not to mention the chinook that are also showing up.

For sockeye we are using 2-3 “dummy flashers” and then two flashers with Michael Bait  (small hootchies) above that.  The best color hootchies have been hot pink with a glow head or a glow strip.  Productive leader lengths have been from 24” up to 32” but most anglers fish about a 28” leader of 40 or 50 LB test.  If you haven’t sockeye fished before you will be amazed at how many flashers anglers use to catch these fish.  Sockeye love to follow the gear and will literally follow your boat as you troll.  Often a subtle change in speed will trigger a strike and some schools bite better than others.  If you put your time in you will be rewarded with chrome sockeye like these caught yesterday.


A great way to learn the ins and outs of sockeye fishing is to book a charter on one of our boats.  We also offer private charters where we will come out to your boat and teach you with your own gear.  This is becoming a very popular option the last couple of years.  Either way, we are booking up fast, so please give us a call right away if you are interested in experiencing this awesome fishery.  If this is not an option drop by the shop for a quick tutorial on how to setup your gear for these fish.

Let’s not forget about the chinook fishing this time of year. We are getting some chinook off the Bell Buoy and T-10 area and have heard of some down at Sandheads as well.  Oki Tackle Glow flashers or Double Glow flashers with a green or chartreuse blade, 6 foot leader, and an anchovy teaser head in glow with some green on it are getting the job done.  We just received a batch of some custom Oki teaser heads for anchovies.  Awesome finishes developed especially for these Fraser chinook with lots of glow and lots of bright colorsSalmon Teaser Heads

We have lots of herring and anchovies in stock as well as salt and brining coolers so if you are after some chinook stop by and get setup.

What about the Cap and W. Van you say?  Eddie, Mike, Dimitri and Todd have been getting coho up on the flats and a few nice chinook as well. Check out these chinook Dimitri got his guests into off W. Van this week!

Vancouver Chinook Salmon

So I think you are getting the overall picture.  Fishing is good! Coho and chinook off W. Van.  More chinook off the Bell Buoy and T-10. Sockeye from the N. Arm of the Fraser down to the S. Arm.


Give us a call on our charter phone at 778-788-8582 to book a charter or come by the shop for all the right gear and some friendly advice.  The shop number is 604-872-2204.


See you on the water or in the shop,


The P.A. Saltwater Guide Team:  Jason, Eddie, Dimitri, Todd, Mike