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November 20: Snowcapped Peaks!

It’s time! You know it’s time to go salmon fishing when….there’s SNOW on the mountains! So I headed down to the boat, extra hot latte in hand,  hosed the snow off and decided…calm water…so why the heck not…let’s go for a cruise. The sun was peeking in and out of the clouds and the North Shore mountains gleamed white with last nights fresh snow. Headed out under the Lions Gate, headed for the middle of the bay…as I neared I spotted some gulls and Western Grebes diving bang smack in the middle. Pulled up and made my approach in about 150 feet of water and made a pass through there and my sounder blacked out at 90 feet. I figured..what the heck..may as well put the rods down as this is a pretty sizable school of bait. Into the cuddy, and within a few minutes I had 4 MR2’s on 10.5′ rods ready for action. After about 10 minutes…wham…fish on at 120 on the infamous and revered “Green Glow” Coyote with no flasher. Turned out to be a scrappy fish approximately 18″ long. Gently released the little guy beside the boat and I turned around to see the Starboard Deep Rod at 100 feet pop off. After a quick fight, a scrappy 15 inch fish went back to grow up. This one came on a Chartreuse Hot Spot with a “Green Illusion” Gibbs Gator. Not bad for 15 minutes of fishing. I reset the gear and turned and headed for the birds….and the tide was starting to push pretty hard. I made the pass over the birds and nothing…..trolled for another 30 minutes and nothing. It was then that I was thinking….well…let’s go for a wander and I made a pass off the edge to where it drops off to 210. I pull the brake and drop the rigger to 160. This time the shallow rod at 140 goes off on the Flamin’ Hans and I reel up another 15 inch fish and let ‘er go. Trolled for another 45 minutes with nada as the tide was pushing hard. Pull up and cruised in and headed for lunch….. Not bad for a quick 2 hour fish!

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Captain Andrew