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April 9: Vancouver Fishing

Our local fishing has picked up in a major way over the last few days and the size of fish has bumped up a couple of notches as well! The majority of fish which have been landed on the last few trips have been in the 14-25 pound mark!

Over the last couple of weeks us at Pacific Angler and our associates  have been on the water doing charters. We’ve had reasonable success fishing in Howe Sound.
West Vancouver and the Harbour in amongst the freighters are still producing fish.  We’re expecting the South Bowen areas such as the Slash, the Hump, Mid Strait, the Bell Buoy, the QA and Point Atkinson to heat up VERY quickly.  A few exploratory jaunts in these areas further offshore haven’t produced as of yet. However, any day now, one should be ready to go a bit further and seek out the schools of migrating fish in these waters.

Captain Eddie was on the water yesterday and had this quick report:

Started around 7:30ish in the harbour mid way in the freighters. Slow during the 1st high slack. Trolled towards the Bell Buoy with the ebb. Was joined by Jason on ‘Chovy and Todd on his boat. Just before 11:00 am  Todd’s boat reported an undersize on a  Kitchen Sink Coyote spoon @ 112’. I had a hit and run @ 90′ on 4″ Night Rider Coyote about 160 feet of water. I passed along side Todd’s boat and saw their rod pop off. After a fantastic fight they landed about a 25 lb’r. on the same spoon and depth as before.  I hit a couple more undersizers on a 4″ Green Glow Silver Horde close to the bottom before heading to the barn. While at the dock I heard Jason reporting some better action in the way of a 20lb’r landed by a 6 year old guest (who released the fish!). They also had another hit and run. That hit was at 140′ on anchovy close 13:30. Not sure what happened afterwards. Heard another report of a possible high 20’s lost at the back of the boat in 110′ of water the day before.
Best fishes,
Give us a call at the shop today if you would like to get out fishing!
Captain Andrew